There are people on each side of the fence regarding defendants being awarded discounts if they plead guilty to their crimes. In many cases, their sentences are reduced significantly and some believe horrific crimes, such as murder, should not be rewarded!

Others believe that it would be a great expense to go through a trial by not allowing the defendant to plead guilty and get a discount.  They also firmly believe it would put victims through a great hardship during the trial and therefore could be prevented.

Although it’s up to the Judge’s discretion whether to offer a higher or lower discount and more and more courts are leaning toward and “Overwhelming Case” to justify lowering the discount reward.  The controversies surrounding the entire issue whether defendants can plead guilty and get a discount is certainly not mending any bridges from either side of the situation.

Maybe not known by all, the courts are actually giving a discount to defendants who are willing to plead guilty.  Some reasons for this include saving time and money, will spare victims stress from giving evidence, and defendants could show signs of remorse.

In general, the discount of 1/3 is given for a plea of guilty if done as early as possible. Read more