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Immigration Law Changes as Personnel Shortages Squeeze the UK

Already 1.3 million non-UK workers have left the country since late 2019. The post-Brexit, post-COVID-19 landscape is all about recovery. Unfortunately the ongoing labor shortage is proving to be a strong damper on these efforts. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) recently spoke out about staff shortages and why a relaxation on immigration policies may […]

The Case for Parental Alienation

Child arrangements and parents having access to their children after a divorce is based upon the child’s rights to have access to both parents. A father’s rights over their child is much the same as the mother’s in the eyes of the law. Therefore, normally, it is not lawful for one parent to restrict the […]

Legal Recourse for Unpaid Rents Due to Coronavirus

According to surveys done by the homelessness charity Shelter and the National Residential Landlords Association and sources from YouGov, a bit over 3% of tenants are building up arrears. That still means over 227,000 private renters are at risk of losing their homes once the ban on evictions is lifted. Rent does not merely cover […]