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10 Lessons Learned from Celebrity Divorces

Celebrity divorces often dominate headlines, drawing public attention not only due to the star power involved but also because of the dramatic revelations and astronomical sums that frequently accompany these splits. Beyond their entertainment value, these high-profile breakups offer valuable lessons about the complexities of divorce, privacy management, and asset division. Here, I examine some […]

Family Law: Protecting Children’s Rights is a Delicate Balance

As a seasoned solicitor specialising in family law, I’ve witnessed firsthand the tumultuous impact that legal disputes can have on the most vulnerable participants in the process: the children. The legal system’s approach to protecting children’s rights and welfare in family law disputes is, frankly, in dire need of a comprehensive overhaul. The current framework, […]

Personal Injury Claims: 10 Myths Debunked

Navigating the world of personal injury claims can be daunting, especially when confronted with a plethora of myths and misconceptions. It’s crucial for anyone considering a personal injury claim to distinguish fact from fiction. Let’s debunk some common myths and present the realities of personal injury claims in the UK. Myth 1: Personal Injury Claims […]

UK School Holidays: How Mediation Can Help

The December break for schools is quickly approaching. This can be a busy time, for parents who may be working hard to fulfil goals ahead of annual leave over xmas, planning and buying for chrimbo family/friend get togethers. For divorced or separated parents, planning ahead for the school break includes figuring out how much time […]

How Lawyers Shape, Shift, and Support UK Law

The legal profession in the UK is steeped in tradition, history, and an enduring commitment to justice. For centuries, UK lawyers have played an instrumental role not only in interpreting the law but also in shaping and shifting it. Their impact permeates the fabric of UK’s legal system, influencing everything from the creation of legislation […]

Refugees, The Government and UK Law

The UK government has faced criticism over its recent approach to human rights, particularly in relation to the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. By Solicitors North Shields One of the key issues has been the use of detention for asylum seekers. Under UK law, the government has the power to detain asylum seekers while […]

Family Law: Step-parent adoption

It is a privilege to be adopted by a step-parent. It is difficult to find official statistics on the number of step-parent adoptions that occur in the United Kingdom because statistics focus primarily on the number of children adopted from the care system. On the other hand, in my work as a family attorney and […]