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Refugees, The Government and UK Law

The UK government has faced criticism over its recent approach to human rights, particularly in relation to the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. By Solicitors North Shields One of the key issues has been the use of detention for asylum seekers. Under UK law, the government has the power to detain asylum seekers while […]

Family Law: Step-parent adoption

It is a privilege to be adopted by a step-parent. It is difficult to find official statistics on the number of step-parent adoptions that occur in the United Kingdom because statistics focus primarily on the number of children adopted from the care system. On the other hand, in my work as a family attorney and […]

Finding a Good Solicitors in the UK

Because there is such a large pool of potential candidates, it can be challenging to find a qualified solicitor in the United Kingdom. The most important thing, however, is to locate a lawyer who is both skilled and trustworthy. If you do your research and give the matter some serious thought, however, you will be […]

Can a teenager hire a solicitor?

(and Other Questions) Minors and Law Can a teenager hire a solicitor? Yes. There are a few situations when children and teenage minors would need to obtain the legal counsel of their own family solicitors. The most common is when the child has suffered or needs to be protected from physical or emotional harm. The […]

The Facts About Online Divorce in the UK 2022

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 went into effect on 6 of April 2022, otherwise known as the (No-Fault Divorce) Family Procedure Rules Amendment 2022. This reform aimed to simplify, speed up, and change the divorce process from an adversarial one into one of amicable separation. There is no longer a need to harshly […]

Updates to Marriage and Divorce Law in 2022

Political crises come and go, but marriage is forever. Or at least, marriage law. It can be argued honestly that this can have lasting impact more than the latest exciting pseudo-wartime legislation. Article by Hadaway & Hadaway Divorce Solicitors in the North East, North Shields UK. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 comes into […]