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The Facts About Online Divorce in the UK 2022

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 went into effect on 6 of April 2022, otherwise known as the (No-Fault Divorce) Family Procedure Rules Amendment 2022. This reform aimed to simplify, speed up, and change the divorce process from an adversarial one into one of amicable separation. There is no longer a need to harshly […]

Updates to Marriage and Divorce Law in 2022

Political crises come and go, but marriage is forever. Or at least, marriage law. It can be argued honestly that this can have lasting impact more than the latest exciting pseudo-wartime legislation. Article by Hadaway & Hadaway Divorce Solicitors in the North East, North Shields UK. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 comes into […]

The Prosecution is Obligated to Help Prove Your Innocence

‘The Prosecution is Obligated to Help Prove Your Innocence’, or ‘The Requisite Duty of Disclosure by the Police and Prosecution about Any Material that Would Help the Defendant’. Article by HH Solicitors North Shields It sounds strange, doesn’t it? Dramas have conditioned us to believe that the courtroom is an antagonistic stage where the prosecutors […]

Immigration Law Changes as Personnel Shortages Squeeze the UK

Already 1.3 million non-UK workers have left the country since late 2019. The post-Brexit, post-COVID-19 landscape is all about recovery. Unfortunately the ongoing labor shortage is proving to be a strong damper on these efforts. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) recently spoke out about staff shortages and why a relaxation on immigration policies may […]

The Case for Parental Alienation

Child arrangements and parents having access to their children after a divorce is based upon the child’s rights to have access to both parents. A father’s rights over their child is much the same as the mother’s in the eyes of the law. Therefore, normally, it is not lawful for one parent to restrict the […]